Thermoformed Transportation and Material Handling Parts

thermoformed transportation and material handling  parts

Profile Plastics manufactures high-quality thermoformed parts for vehicles such as tractor trailers and forklifts. Our material expertise and design assistance helps customers meet a wide range of part goals, from extreme durability and high-gloss finishes to tight tolerances. Plus, value-added services, such as drop-shipping, can reduce overall project costs.

See the case study below for a detailed example.

Thermoformed truck fascia


Truck Fascia

Semi-tractors travel thousands of miles, exposing their cab exterior to demanding conditions. When a truck components producer asked Profile to thermoform a new material that would meet those tough conditions, we met the challenge.

A proprietary paint film applied over a TPO or ABS substrate created some specific challenges in processing. The parameters required to form this composite material are very specialized. Expertise with materials and the development of specialized equipment made Profile Plastics the supplier of choice.

The Profile Advantage. The front fascia (or bumper cover) required strict processing parameters to reduce the stretch (i.e., depth of draw) of the paint-film and maintain cosmetics and finished part thickness. Variances in heat and draw ratio would cause deterioration of cosmetics as well as affect wall thickness.

Our process engineers developed and perfected the method in which this part was successfully produced. Thermoformed plastic—rather than steel—provided an excellent alternative, resulting in lighter weight and improved fuel efficiency. Gloss, color, and haze were measured and controlled to produce a part that met customer quality parameters.

Project highlights:

  • Maintained high-gloss, chrome-like appearance
  • Unique equipment and process control used to eliminate stretching of the film
  • Control of haze and cosmetic appearance
  • Value-added drop-shipping to end customer

Read the Full Case Study Here.

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