Thermoformed Recreational Equipment

Thermoformed recreational surfboard

Recreational equipment often has large parts with a high degree of detail. Through thermoforming methods like pressure-forming, Profile Plastics can provide an excellent alternative to injection molding, which can require expensive upfront tooling. We also help customers achieve faster speed-to-market goals.

See the case study below for a detailed example.

Thermoformed recreational equipment parts


Exercise Bike

Detailed, large-scale plastic parts are often produced using injection molding, which requires expensive molds. But by using pressure-forming, they can be produced with the same degree of detail—yet with much more cost-effective tooling.

This customer came to Profile Plastics needing a fast go-to-market production solution for large, highly detailed cosmetic shrouds.

The Profile Advantage. Profile’s engineering and sales teams advised the customer on part design to achieve ease of manufacture, ease of assembly, and a high degree of detail.

A large, sharp logo was achieved with pressure-forming and a wire-EDM insert in the mold. In addition, a metallic look was added to the logo through the process of hot stamping.

Profile Plastics met the customer’s time frame and design criteria all within the targeted budget.

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