Thermoformed Food Service Equipment

Profile Plastics offers fresh, innovative ways for food service companies to make sure their products are the preferred choice. We specialize in manufacturing unique, highly cosmetic food service plastic covers and enclosures.

See the case study below for a detailed example.

Case Study: Thermoplastic Food Service Equipment


Juice Dispensing Machine

Many companies face the challenge of getting a product from conception to production in rapidly reduced time frames. This requires designers and engineers to condense their product development process, which proves more challenging when there are numerous parts that need to be developed before a product can go to market.

The Profile Advantage. Profile Plastics rapidly developed 8 vacuum-formed and 8 pressure-formed parts within a demanding time frame. The design flexibility and performance of thermoformed plastics allowed the creation of parts that previously would have been produced from stainless steel or other materials.

Profile engineers aided in the design, which resulted in formed-in-tabs on external parts; this allowed for a snap-fit assembly onto a metal framework.

Color-matched extruded sheet was used, eliminating the need for post-painting. Acid etched textured tools were used to create a uniform cosmetic appearance across all parts.

This complex project was developed on time and on budget, enabling the customer to meet production and marketing goals.

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