Simplify Your Supply Chain and Reduce Costs with Our Value-Added Services

Profile Plastics understands that your expectations can go beyond having quality thermoformed parts manufactured. In today’s competitive environment, customers require more value for their dollar in the products we produce for them. That’s why we provide an array of value-added services like these:

 Profile Plastics provides value-added servcies in our  170,000 square feet of manufacturing, warehouse, and assembly space
  • High level mechanical assemblies
  • Transfer decaling, pad printing, silk screening, painting, and EMI shielding services
  • Kitting of sourced components
  • Support for customer driven Kanban initiatives
  • Returnable/reusable “green” packaging

These services enable us to ship complete assemblies to our customers, ready to be installed. Alternatively, we can ship products directly to the end customer for installation. In addition, we provide machined or fabricated parts and distortion printed parts.

Our Chicagoland location allows us to be supported by a sophisticated local supplier base for further value-added benefits.

Providing assembly capabilities and more.

Profile Plastics can assemble complex mating parts, which can be a labor-intensive process that requires skilled management as well as advanced tooling, jigs, fixtures, and ingenuity to bring the components together successfully.

Providing high level assembly, and not just plastic parts, reduces your procurement costs and simplifies your supply chain. We also provide kitting services for further convenience and cost-savings.

We have dedicated areas for these services, which creates a focused work environment and helps ensure we ultimately ship only parts that meet 100% of the quality parameters established.

Profile plastics uses advanced tooling, jigs, fixtures to assemble complex parts

Managing part and supply chain complexity

With our custom ERP system, we can effectively manage complexity over thousands of part numbers. Our IT capabilities allow us to track every specification of a part, from material to inspection criteria to packaging. We also can maintain real-time inventory information for all sub-components.

Value0-added service of  assembling complex mating parts
Profile Plastics can hold inventory and ship your productscts

Holding inventory and conducting flexible outbound shipping

We have an entire warehouse facility dedicated to outbound shipping, which allows us to hold inventory and ship to our customers’ requirements.

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