Optimize Part Performance and Cost with Our Material Expertise.​

Plastic Thermoforming Material Expertise

The ideal material for your part will meet your performance specifications and be as cost-effective as possible.

Many criteria may be applicable depending on the part requirements, including custom color, flammability rating, impact strength, heat deflection temperature, ROHS/REACH certification, etc. But identifying material options can be a challenge.

Profile Plastics regularly provides guidance to help customers make smart material choices.

Options to ensure your performance specifications—and budget—will be met

Customers benefit from having a wide range of options. We work with an array of materials. Our largest volume thermoplastics include:

ABS – Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

PVC/Acrylic (Eg. Kydex T) – Flame-retardant thermoplastics engineered for specific applications

PVC/ABS (Eg. R59) – Flame-retardant ABS

HIPS – High Impact Polystyrene

HMWPE – High Molecular Weight Polyethylene

PP – Polypropylene

TPO – Thermoplastic Olefin
TPE – Thermoplastic Elastomers
TPU – Thermoplastic Polyurethane
PC – Polycarbonate
PETG – Amorphous Polyethylene Terephthalate
PMMA – Acrylic
PVC – Poly Vinyl Chloride

In addition, UL 94 rated materials are available to meet all flammability classifications. Various highly engineered specialty resins or thermoplastic blends are available to meet specific industry standards such as aircraft interiors, mass transportation, FDA, etc.

Knowledge and experience to make helpful recommendations

Decades of solving our customers’ material challenges means we have the material expertise to help you identify the most appropriate material for your application.

We also stay on top of the many new and innovative materials being developed for the thermoforming process, materials that can address the most demanding needs of our customers’ products.

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