Profile Plastics’ Award Winning Thermoformers

A Company Steeped in Award-Winning Thermoformers

The success of Profile Plastics—and the success that customers have had with our parts—has a lot to do with the outstanding thermoformers who have helped shape the company.

Case in point: Profile Plastics has been home to three SPE Thermoformer of the Year recipients, a unique distinction not shared by anyone else in the industry.

Stephen Murrill - Award Winning Thermoformer - 2011 SPE Thermoformer of the Year

Stephen Murrill, President (Former), 2011 SPE Thermoformer of The Year

As a long-time proponent of molded-in color and texture, Steve championed the advantages of thermforming, especially for products requiring large, highly cosmetic covers in low to medium volumes. In 2011, the SPE named him Thermoformer of the Year, and in 2001, he received the Lifetime Achievement Award for his service and dedication to the Thermoforming Division of the SPE.

Steven Sweig - Award Winning Thermoformer - 2002 SPE Thermoformer of the Year

Steven Sweig, Chief Engineer (Former), 2002 SPE Thermoformer of The Year

Stephen, an engineer’s engineer, was at the forefront of developing the pressure forming process from a garage‐shop idea to the fully commercialized, and widely accepted, process that it is today.

John Grundy - Award Winning Thermoformer - 1993 SPE Thermoformer of the Year

John Grundy, Founder, 1993 SPE Thermoformer of The Year

John Grundy, a pioneer in the thermoforming industry, founded Profile Plastics in 1960. Through his numerous contributions to the growth of the thermoforming industry, John was chosen as SPE’s Thermoformer of the Year in 1993.