60+ Years of Experience: A Thermoforming Pioneer and Innovator

Profile Plastics Thermoformed plastic parts

The Profile Plastics story begins with our founding in 1960. Profile Plastics has defined a niche in the custom thermoforming market by producing highly cosmetic, close tolerance parts to meet the increasingly demanding quality standards of our OEM customers.

We specialize in custom-molded, highly engineered plastic parts manufactured by the thermoforming processes of pressure, vacuum, and twin-sheet forming.

Profile Plastics has developed the facilities, organizational structure, and manufacturing processes required to make thousands of precise and consistent parts each year.

Evolving Capabilities, Large-Scale Capacity

Supported by over 120 people operating three shifts a day, ​Profile Plastics maintains a combined 170,000 square feet of manufacturing, warehouse, and assembly space. Our facilities include 14 large state-of-the-art thermoforming machines to accommodate an extensive range of thermoplastic materials, in addition to 21 5-axis CNC trimming machines.

The entire Profile Plastics organization is structured around a team approach that is geared toward efficient continuous production. By having the best people organized into logical teams, Profile Plastics minimizes lead times and creates efficiencies that reduce the total cost of operation.

We have also developed process controls that complement our technology and allow us to produce highly complex parts.

Highlights of what we provide our customers include:

High-volume production capability and consistent quality results
Capacity to manufacture parts up to 8’ x 12’ from thermoplastics sheet up to 0.5″ thick

Parts from engineered materials such as ABS, PC/ABS, FR ABS, PC, and PETG (brand names include Lexan, R59, Kydex T, Bayblend, and many others)—with inherent customer color

Thermoforming Press at Profile Plastics, Inc.

These are in addition to the array of value-added services we offer our customers, such as higher level assembly, kitting, and finishing, as well as supplier-managed inventory storage for just-in-time goals. See our Value-Added Services page for more about these services.

More Than a Manufacturer, A DFM Problem-Solver

Profile Plastics isn’t just satisfied with years of successful design implementation and cost-saving production methods. We’ve also built an exceptional team of experienced engineers who provide design for manufacturing assistance, helping to optimize parts for improved performance and cost-efficiency.

In fact, we are focused on being creative problem solvers. That’s why we’re dedicated to continuing research and development that ultimately benefits our customers and elevates the industry. We routinely provide design assistance and conduct process seminars as a service to our customers.

Our ability to produce complex part designs has been recognized year after year by the Society of Plastics Engineers’ Thermoforming Division, including winning more than 40 awards since 1986. Profile Plastics has also been home to three Thermoformer Of the Year recipients, a unique distinction not shared by anyone else in our industry.

See our Industry Awards for more details.

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